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      First of all, we must be clear that we need to stack the size and weight of the goods on a pallet. The size of the goods determines the size of the pallet used. For safety and convenience in logistics, the outer size of the goods should be less than or equal to the size of the pallet. The size of conventional plastic pallets is 1200*1000*145mm, 1100*1100*150mm and so on. Then there is the weight of the goods. If it is about 500KG of goods, then the general nine-pin pallet can be satisfied. If the dynamic load is more than 1000KG, then you should choose Tian-shaped or Sichuan-shaped plastic pallets, or double-sided heavy-duty Card board.
      Secondly, when choosing a plastic pallet, another important aspect is the method and demand used. If it is a pallet used in workshop and warehouse turnover, it is generally necessary to choose a new high-strength and impact-resistant pallet. If it is a pallet for export shipment, in order to reduce the cost, in order to reduce the cost under the condition of satisfying the load and ensuring the safety of the goods The actual situation chooses new or recycled material pallets.
      Finally, if it needs to be put on the shelf, the Chuan-shaped card board is generally used. The double-sided pallet can only be moved using a fully automatic forklift.
      It is also very simple to distinguish the quality of plastic pallets. Brand-new pallets are bright in color, while recycled pallets are generally dim. Good plastic pallets have good strength, toughness, and high load capacity.